Our Story

Fashion isn't what I saw myself starting a business in and creating a life; I actually graduated with a Biology degree, but that was short lived once I realized the hospital setting was not for me. I decided owning my own business was the move to make. It was always a dream of mine, as growing up, most of my family owned their own businesses of different sorts. 

I always had a love for clothes, shoes, accessories, all of it. If you ask anyone who knows me, my major weakness is shoes and it shows when you step into the store to see how many different styles we carry. 

Once I decided to start the Paisley Pearl in 2012, it began on a small scale and I was selling out of my house. I would even sell out of my car if my customers needed me to make it more convenient for them. No, I'm not joking.

After almost a year, I opened up at our first location in 2013. Readily available hours and being able to offer more made a positive difference for the business, and for me. I knew I wanted to bring something back to my hometown, and Kingstree was ready for me and tPP just as much. Born and raised here, it was more special to me and made the connection better. 

Our last move brought us to our current location in June of 2015. After growing the business for a while, I decided it was time to take the leap and find a permanent location. Here we have grown into the great business we are today and hope to continue to do so. 

While we're a small town, locally owned business, we're here to offer our uniqueness to everyone. I pride myself in compliments about having "different" things to choose from, and hope you feel that way too! 

Your experience with us will always be personal, and I will always give my full attention to meeting the needs of our customers. We're a family here, and hope you decide to become a part of it too!